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Fabric like Napkins

Size: 40×30 cm(customizable)

Folding: 1/6 Folded; 1/8 Folded

GSM: 50-60

Packaging Label: Customizable

Minimum Order Quantity: 40,000 Sheets

Transport: Shipping

Application: Wedding, Party, Restaurant, Hotel, Office, Bar, Cafe, Buffet, Laboratory

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Product Description

Corporate Elegance Redefined

Welcome to our exquisite collection of Fabric-Like Napkins tailored for businesses that demand nothing less than sophistication. These napkins are not just a dining accessory; they are a statement of corporate elegance and excellence. Elevate your corporate image and turn every business event into a refined experience that leaves a lasting mark.


From board meetings to client presentations, our fabric-like napkins add a layer of professionalism that resonates with your brand identity. The luxurious texture and elegant design showcase your commitment to detail, ensuring that every business interaction is a memorable one.

Practical Luxury with Eco-Friendly Values

While these napkins exude luxury, they are also highly practical for businesses. Crafted from premium-quality, eco-friendly materials, they offer the perfect blend of elegance and sustainability. By choosing our fabric-like napkins, you not only enhance your corporate image but also make a statement of environmental responsibility.

The absorbent nature of these napkins ensures that spills and messes are efficiently managed during business functions. Plus, their disposable convenience streamlines cleanup, leaving you more time to focus on your clients and the success of your endeavors.

airlaid cultery pocket napkin 

Versatile Elegance for All Business Occasions

Our Fabric-Like Napkins are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of corporate events. Whether it’s a product launch, a company anniversary, or a team-building retreat, these napkins add an elegant touch to every occasion. Available in various colors and designs, you can customize your table setting to reflect your brand’s identity.

Create a professional ambiance that lingers in the memories of your clients and partners. The versatility of these napkins allows you to express your company’s unique style and unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that every corporate gathering is an exceptional one. Elevate your corporate presence with Fabric-Like Napkins and make a lasting impact.


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Our Advantage

wood block

100% Virgin Wood Raw Paper

All of our paper products are made of original recyclable wood pulp, giving you soft touch, absorbent and sturdy texture.


Solid Coloring

fade resistant dip dyeing technique to make the color long-lasting.

paper-napkin-embossing-process (2)

Fine Printing

High quality printing to get you ready for the ultimate branding campaign in any events or occasions.

packaging process

Custom Packaging

Eco-Friendly & systainable Packaging and Labeling to give you a fantastic purchase experience.

sea shipping

Fast Shipping

streamlined shipping strategy to minimize the cost and fasten product delivery.


Attentive Pre & Post Service

In case of unexpected condition(shippment delay/urgent order/changed plan), WE WILL ALWAYS GOT YOU COVERED!


Most frequent questions and answers you want to know about

Yes, we offer custom sizing, coloring and design options for wholesale paper supplies if your order reaches our MOQ. For reference , go to our size guide, color and design collection.

We are certified with FSC and EPA by United States Environment Agency. Finished products are manufactured under ISO 9001, a international standard for quality management. Also. we are open for quality test by third-party detection institution required from our clients before delivery of goods.

Fsc Certificate of Top Napkin   EPA Certification to test the quality of paper products from Top Napkin@

Yes, we are professional in personalising paper products. The process is super easy. Just follow these steps:

Firstly, FILL OUT THE INQUIRY FORM below. Leave the exact specification(sizes, layers, grammage, colors, embossed pattern, quantity) you want for your custom paper supplies. You can get free designing reference from us if you ask for suggestion.

Secondly, we will offer you a free sample to test the paper.

Thirdly, after communication on the product and transaction, we will move on to produce the products as you require and ship the products.

photo shot of tissue paper production in factory

Finally, you will receive and check the products.

Yes, we take rush order. The lead time vary depending on the quantity and specification of your order. Contact us to comfirm.

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