Recyclability and Compostability

We guarantee that all our paper products are recyclable. They are good to be bleached and reproduced into newspaper, cardboard, paper, etc.  

Our commitment to recycling

Also, It only takes a few weeks for paper to to break down totally, causing no harm to the environment. So feel free to throw them in trash.

airlaid paper break down in soil

Green Manufacturing 

Top napkin® advocates for green and sustainable business. From Materials, manufacturing to packaging, we input the idea of going green through every step our practice. We are honored to be part of the human endeavor of protecting the environment throughout the process of global economic development. We utilize energy-efficient machinery and processes to reduce our carbon footprint. We also take steps to reduce water and air pollution by using non-toxic chemicals and adhesives. Our factory is also well-equipped with sophisticated fluid-cleaning facility to purify industrial sewage before the emissions. 
quality control instrument for paper production

Eco-friendly Packaging 

Finally, we use biodegradable packaging materials (PE/PP) to ensure our products are as eco-friendly as possible. By taking these steps, we are able to ensure that our production process is as green as possible, allowing us to protect the environment and reduce our impact on the planet.

packaging process


We produce the paper tissue product in line with the laws and regulation issued from United States Environmental Protection Agency. Our paper/linen napkins and other category are FSC and EPA certified.

What is FSC? 

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is an international certification program that sets standards for responsible forest management. The certification is awarded to companies that meet rigorous standards for sustainability, including protecting the environment, preserving biodiversity, and ensuring that workers are treated fairly. FSC certification is a voluntary process that provides assurance to customers that the wood and paper products they buy are produced in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

What is EPA? 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certificate is a certification issued by the EPA to individuals who have completed a course of study in environmental protection and safety. The certificate is designed to recognize individuals who have acquired a basic understanding of environmental protection and safety principles. It is also intended to provide recognition to those who have completed an approved course of study in environmental protection and safety. 

Fsc Certificate of Top Napkin
FSC Certificate of Top Napkin®
EPA Certification to test the quality of paper products from Top Napkin@
EPA Certificate of Top Napkin®

What can you benefit from our certified products? 

By choosing FSC/EPA-certified products, you can be assured that the wood and paper products they buy are produced in a responsible and sustainable manner. FSC-certified products also help to protect the environment, conserve biodiversity, and ensure that workers are treated fairly. Additionally, FSC-certified products are often of higher quality than non-certified products, meaning that you can be confident that they are getting a product that is both sustainable and of superior quality. Finally, by choosing FSC-certified products, you can help to support responsible forestry practices and help to protect the planet.

More Effort on Green Business  

In addition to our green manufacturing process, we also strive to educate our customers on the importance of sustainability. We also keep providing information on our website,social media about the environmental benefits of using our products.

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