Commercial Hand Paper Towel

    • Effective Drying: Our Hand paper towels are designed to effectively dry hands quickly and efficiently. They have high absorbency, allowing them to absorb moisture effectively and leave hands dry. Proper hand drying is essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of germs.

    • Hygiene and Cleanliness: Our Hand paper towels promote good hygiene by providing a clean and disposable option for hand drying. They help remove excess water, dirt, and bacteria from hands, reducing the risk of contamination. Using hand paper towels minimizes the transfer of germs from wet hands to other surfaces, promoting a healthier environment.

    • Convenience and Accessibility: Our Hand paper towels are readily accessible in public restrooms, offices, and other facilities. They are easy to use, allowing customers to quickly dry their hands without the need for additional equipment or devices.

    • Reduction of Waste:  Made from recycled wood pulp, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Additionally, by advancing the technology of paper manufacturing,  we can produce more eco-friendly paper towels to waste reduction and aligns with sustainable practices.

    • Cost-Effective Solution: Wholesale price are much more better than the retailing price for the same paper! Puchase large quanity for better unit price today!

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Customer Reviews


The quality is great, and they absorb really well. Highly recommend!


"The towels are durable and highly absorbent, perfect for my customers. tHANK YOU!"

Our Advantage

100% Organic Material

All of our paper products are made of original recyclable wood pulp, giving you soft touch, absorbent and sturdy texture.

packaging process

Custom Packaging

Eco-Friendly & systainable Packaging and Labeling to give you a fantastic purchase experience.

sea shipping

Fast Shipping

streamlined International shipping strategy to minimize the cost and fasten product delivery.


Attentive Pre & Post Service

In case of unexpected condition(shippment delay/urgent order/changed plan), WE WILL ALWAYS GOT YOU COVERED!

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