Clean Room Dust-free Wiping Paper/Cloth Wholesale

Minimum of Quantity: 60,000 Sheets

OEM & ODM Supported
Disposable & Absorbent & Sterile Industrial Cleaning

Specification Table

Item Weight 56g/m2 Size Customizable
Material Wood Pulp Application Factory, Laboratory, Workshop,
Place of Origin China Package 300pcs/bag,
Supply Ability 30000 Boxes/
Mimum of Quantity 60,000 Pieces
air bonding of airlaid paper

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Feature 1. Dust-free wiping paper: Hygroscopicity

introduction of clean room paper

Our dust-free wiping paper is composed of 55% cellulose(wood pulp) and 45% polyester fiber. So it is designed to be hygroscopic to ensure effective removal of contaminants and to prevent the introduction of moisture-sensitive particles into sensitive processes. The hygroscopic nature of the wiping paper is achieved through careful selection of materials during the manufacturing process. Typically, materials with inherent hygroscopic properties, such as high-quality cellulose or synthetic fibers, are chosen.

Feature 2. Dust-free wiping cloth: High Obsorbent

introduction of clean room paper 2 2

Our dust-free wiping paper is designed with a superior weaving technology, allowing it to absorb and retain moisture quickly and effectively. This feature enables the paper to capture and hold onto particles, preventing the risk of contaminants being redistributed during the wiping process.

Feature 3. Dust-free wipes: Sterile

introduction of clean room paper 3

 Our dust-free wiping paper undergoes gamma irradiation, a highly effective and widely recognized method for achieving sterility. This process eliminates microorganisms, spores, and other contaminants, rendering the wiping paper suitable for critical applications such as laboratory, workshop, factory. where sterility is paramount.

Feature 4. Dust-free wiping paper: Wide Application

introduction of clean room paper 4

 Our dust-free wiping paper is widely used in electronics factory to remove printing and steel mesh, circuitboard and solder paste. It can also be used to improve production efficiency and production quality. 

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Size Guide of Dust-free Wiping Paper

size of dust free paper

Top Napkin - Your Reliable Paper Products Manufacturer & Supplier

We offer an extensive and diverse range to meet your specific requirements for food. catering and hospitality Service. From dindustrial ust-free paper napkins to cloth like napkins, airlaid tableclothsguest paper towels to linen like placemat, paper cups, we have it all. Our vast product catalog ensures that you can find everything you need conveniently in one place, saving you time and effort. With us as your supplier, you’ll have access to a wide selection of high-quality paper products and one-stop wholesale solution.

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Cooperated Companies​
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Why Choose Us?

With our commitment to excellence, we aim to be your trusted partner in delivering superior airlaid napkins and stable supply chain.

Free Sampling


We offer samples for free! Inform us the desired types of dust free wiping paper you want, and we will send them directly to your hands!

Dust-free Performance

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Our dust-free wiping paper is crafted to be dust-free, ensuring a clean and particle-free surface after each use. This is especially critical in clean room environments where even the smallest contaminants can impact processes and product quality.

Effective Packaging

package of dust free paper

Our Protective PP/OPP packaging not only preserve the quality of the paper but also streamline the distribution process.Each package are clearly labeled with essential information

Quality Sets Us Apart

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By consistently offering high-quality products, we stand out from the competition and create a distinct competitive advantage. It sets us apart from businesses that prioritize cost-cutting over quality and win us long term cooperation from clients​

Electrostatic Dissipative

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The hygroscopic nature of our wiping paper contributes to its electrostatic dissipative capabilities. This feature minimizes the risk of static charges that can attract and hold onto particles, making it ideal for industries where electrostatic discharge poses a threat to sensitive electronic components.

Fast Global Shipping

shipping globally2

By prioritizing safe packaging, risk guarantees, and effective tracking, we can minimize the potential risks associated with transportation and provide reassurance to both you and your customers.

Wide Application

With our commitment to excellence, we aim to be your trusted partner in delivering superior dust-free wiping paper and stable supply chain.

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