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Napkins comes in various sizes with different usage. Top Napkin® offers a wide variety of napkin sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Our napkins are available in a range of sizes, from small beverage napkins in coffee bar to large banquet napkins in holiday resorts. We also offer custom sizes that can be tailored to fit any occasions. All of our napkins are made from high-quality and healthy recycled materials and are produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. Whether you are looking for cafe/bar cocktail napkins, decorative paper napkins, party city napkins, wedding napkins, or printed napkins with logo, we can tailor the size to fit your need. 12(min)-32(max) inches are all available. 

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Let’s check out the regular sizes in different business scenario.

Desert Bar
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Paper Napkin

Hotel Reception
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Luncheon Paper Napkin

Gala Show
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Paper Napkin

Formal Events

Linen-Feel Napkin

Common size 4″x4″ to wipe up face or nose.  

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should be slightly larger than cocktail napkins to clean off spills or messes. 3.6″x7.5″/6″x6″/3″x6″

1/6 folded 11"x15"luncheon napkin
luncheon 2
luncheon paper napkin 12"x12"

should be large enough to fit area of lap and tucked under the neckline or to handle large amount of spills. 4″x8.5″/4″x8.5″/8.5″x8.5″

dinner paper napkin size:13"x 17" 1/6 folded
1/8 folded 15"x17" dinner paper napkin
1/4 folded 17"x17" dinner paper napkin

With the durable and tearing-resistant texture, the linen series are flexible enough to be folded into more geometrical shapes. Regular sizes: 4″x8.5″

They can also be used as convenient placemat 4″x8″. The size of it depends on the ultimate look it’s transformed into. 

Size of disposable linen-like table cloth:120cmx60cm

1-8 folded 17"x17" airlaid napkin
airlaid 3

Factors to Consider When Choosing Napkin Size for You Business

When choosing napkin size for a business setting, several factors should be taken into consideration. These factors ensure that the napkins not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also meet the practical needs of the business environment. Here are the key factors to consider:

  1. Type of Business and Ambience: The nature of your business and the ambience you want to create play a significant role in determining the appropriate napkin size. For upscale restaurants or hotels, larger napkins are often preferred to exude an air of sophistication and elegance. On the other hand, casual dining establishments may opt for smaller napkins to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

  2. Table Size and Setup: The size and shape of your tables will influence the choice of napkin size. Larger tables may require bigger napkins to maintain proper proportions and coverage, while smaller tables can be complemented with smaller napkins. Additionally, consider how the napkins will be folded and placed on the table. The size should allow for attractive folding techniques or placement in napkin holders without overpowering the table setting.

  3. Practicality and Functionality: In a business setting, napkins serve a practical purpose beyond aesthetics. They should be large enough to offer ample coverage for guests’ laps and hands while providing a comfortable and hygienic dining experience. Consider the types of dishes and cuisine served in your establishment. Messier or larger meals may require larger napkins to accommodate spills or provide guests with extra protection.

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