Designer Paper Napkins

designer paper napkins

Top Napkin® produces and wholesales wide rages of personalised designer paper napkins for wholesale. We can help you customise bulk napkin with your private labels on it! 

Apart from colored napkins, patterned napkins might be a good selection. The most commonly-used patterns includes monogrammed logos or letters, floral, holiday-themed, wedding, party decoration. Although more color means added cost on printing, the value of the napkin is much more beyond it with the extraodinary taste it entails! Decorative cocktail napkins and creative napkins from artists’ designing will definitely hit the market as a hot seller. If you are looking for somthing asthetically stunning, going for art napkins. We can imprint pictures of famous painting on the napkins for you. 

Anyway, you can put anything you want on the napkin. You can even turn it into a faked bill. When customers see a beverage napkin with words and jokes on it, we bet it will cheer them up and bring them a good day! That could be a fantastic way to power the business!

Designer Paper napkins - Branded Napkins

Even nowadays, We can not deny the “magic” of cocktail napkins printed with business logo. It speaks for the business and enhances business identity as an ultimate marketing tool. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you can create the perfect look for your business. Whether you’re planning to host an event, run a promotional campaign or elevate customers’ dining experience, monogrammed napkins will always be the perfect choice. Plus, they’re for wholesale price in bulk, making them a great option for advertising within your budget. 

Take your business to the next level with a simple branded napkin!

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of class to your next event or just want to make sure your branding stands out, our custom logo cocktail napkins are the perfect choice. The Letter could be your name with a logo or a unque slogan. Decorating the margin area with some stylist design pattern can also be a good idea too!

Designer Paper napkins - Holiday/Festival Napkins

Designer Paper napkins - Floral Wedding Napkins

Designer Paper napkins - linen feel Napkins

Linenfeel napkins, also called airlaid paper or linen-like paper napkins, are made of paper that have been treated to give them the look and feel of linen fabric. They are a great option for those looking for an elegant and luxurious look for their table setting without the cost and care associated with real linen. Aiarlaid paper comes in various apllication. Larger-sized airlaid paper(18″x14″) can be used as an placemat alternative to tranditional tablecloth to protect table from spills and mess. And of course, it’s reusable and disposable. 17″x17″ 1/8 folded linen-feel napkins is perfect for table setting decoration, matched with knife and forks. 

Impress your customers with our wholesale airlaid paper that wll add a touch of luxury to your table setting!

If you want to test the airlaid paper napkins contact us for a sample so that we can send you our sampling paper for free. You can visit us too if you want to have a look at our factory and full lines of paper products. Our business manager will guide you the whole way the moment you arrive.  We are looking for to build a solid cooperatiion with you.

Designer Paper napkins - Popular-themed Napkins

Designer Paper napkins - Gold Foil napkins

Gold foil napkins are made by printing a special foil with a gold finish onto the napkin. This is done using a heat press, which transfers the design onto the napkin. The heat from the press seals the design onto the napkin, creating a professional, polished look. The foil can be printed with any design, logo, or text, making it a great choice for businesses looking to create a unique and memorable branding. Gold foil napkins are a great way to add a touch of class and elegance to any event or gathering. 

Napkin Embossing pattern

Napkin Embossing is a process that presses a heated meal die into a napkin to create an engraved pattern. The die is heated to a specific temperature and then pressed into the napkin, leaving behind an indented pattern. The Embossed patterns can be divided into two types: dot and coin edge. 

The pattern can be customized to your specifications.

dotted edge embossed napkin
Dotted Embossing
coin edge embossed napkin
Coin Edge Embossing
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