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Convenience and Efficiency

By opting for wholesale quantities, you ensure an abundant supply of napkins to cater to the needs of your guests. No more last-minute runs to the store or worrying about running out of napkins. With our wholesale options, you can focus on creating memorable experiences for your guests.

Designed for efficiency, our paper napkins wholesale are conveniently disposable, saving you time and effort on cleanup. After the event, simply gather and dispose of the used napkins, allowing you to enjoy the celebration without the hassle of extensive cleaning.

20x20cm, 1/2/3 ply, disposable solid color paper napkin

Reduce, Recycle, Disposable

With our FSC Certified Paper Napkins wholesale, you actively participate in the reduce, reuse, and recycle movement. As a disposable product, these napkins provide a convenient solution for your tableware needs while minimizing waste. After use, they can be easily composted or recycled, ensuring a closed-loop system that reduces environmental impact.

By choosing FSC certified napkins, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable choices and inspire others to follow suit. It’s a small step that collectively makes a significant difference in preserving our planet for future generations.

recycled tissue paper

Our wholesale paper napkins offer the perfect solution for cost-conscious buyers. Sourced directly from reputable manufacturers, we bring you a wide selection of high-quality paper napkins at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re stocking up for your restaurants, business storage, online stores, or reselling to other businesses, our wholesale options ensure exceptional value for your investment.

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Customer Reviews


"I've been ordering custom napkins from Top Napkin for my restaurant in the US, and I have to say, I am impressed with the quality and affordability of their products. It's great to have a reliable supplier for our daily needs."


"Top Napkin has been my go-to supplier for napkins for my bar in Australia. Their products are of great quality and are very affordable, and the service is always excellent. Highly recommend!"

Our Advantage

100% Virgin Wood Raw Paper

All of our paper products are made of original recyclable wood pulp, giving you soft touch, absorbent and sturdy texture.


Solid Coloring

fade resistant dip dyeing technique to make the color long-lasting.

paper-napkin-embossing-process (2)

Fine Printing

High quality printing to get you ready for the ultimate branding campaign in any events or occasions.

packaging process

Custom Packaging

Eco-Friendly & systainable Packaging and Labeling to give you a fantastic purchase experience.

sea shipping

Fast Shipping

streamlined shipping strategy to minimize the cost and fasten product delivery.


Attentive Pre & Post Service

In case of unexpected condition(shippment delay/urgent order/changed plan), WE WILL ALWAYS GOT YOU COVERED!

Build your whosale project Together

“Looking for reliable and capable Paper Supplier? We ARE HERE FOR YOU! “


We are based in Shanghai, China, where the biggest global paper manufacuturing industry is located. Our factory has a robust production capacity of 100,000+ paper napkins per day. This high production capacity enables us to meet the demands of our customers efficiently and ensure a steady supply of products. With state-of-the-art machinery and skilled workforce, we are able to maintain consistent quality and adhere to strict manufacturing standards.

Paper Napkins Supply Chain Establishing

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