Water Absorbent Airlaid Roll for Industrial Wiping

Minimum of Quantity: 60,000 Sheets

OEM & ODM Supported
Disposable & Absorbent & Sterile Industrial Cleaning

Specification Table

Material Wood Pulp Width 8-250mm(customizable)
Length 10-200m(customizable) Gram weight 100-280gsm(customizable)
Axis 25-76(customizable) Origin China
Packaging customizable Application Cleaning and Industrial Wiping
air bonding of airlaid paper

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Feature of Industrial Airlaid Roll

1. Efficient Wiping of Airlaid Roll

industrial airlaid roll

Industrial airlaid rolls are renowned for their efficient wiping capabilities. The material’s composition, often a blend of fibers bonded through airlaid technology, allows for effective and quick wiping of surfaces. Whether used in industrial settings, cleaning applications, or as wiping cloths, the efficient wiping feature ensures that spills, contaminants, or residues are swiftly and thoroughly removed. This feature contributes to increased productivity and cleanliness in various environments.

2.Delicate and Soft of Airlaid Roll

airlaid roll feature

A standout characteristic of airlaid rolls is their delicate and soft texture. The airlaid manufacturing process creates a material that mimics the softness of cloth, making it ideal for applications where a gentle touch is required. Whether used in hygiene products, cosmetic applications, or as a delicate wiping material, the softness of airlaid rolls enhances user comfort and contributes to a pleasant experience. This feature is especially valuable in industries where skin contact or delicate surfaces are involved.

3. Edge Banding Process of Airlaid Roll

airlaid roll feature 2

The edge banding process is a distinctive feature that enhances the overall durability and usability of airlaid rolls. During manufacturing, the edges of the rolls undergo a specialized banding process that reinforces them, preventing fraying or tearing. This ensures that the rolls maintain their structural integrity, even during rigorous usage. The edge banding process contributes to the longevity of the rolls and makes them suitable for high-demand applications in industrial, cleaning, or medical settings.

4. Excellent Absorption of Airlaid Roll

airlaid roll feature 3

Perhaps one of the most crucial features of industrial airlaid rolls is their excellent absorption capacity. The material’s ability to rapidly absorb liquids, whether water, oils, or chemicals, makes it highly effective in managing spills and maintaining a clean environment. The excellent absorption feature is particularly valuable in industries where spill containment is critical, such as manufacturing, laboratories, and automotive settings. Airlaid rolls’ superior absorption capabilities contribute to increased efficiency in cleaning processes.

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