Pyramid Napkin Fold

pyramid napkin fold


Steps of Diamond Napkin Fold

1. Start with a 40x40cm Square Paper napkin or a cloth-like napkin.

pyramid napkin fold 1

2. Fold the Napkin in half diagonally

pyramid napkin fold 2

3. Take the left corner of the triangle and fold it towards the center, so it lines up with the top point of the triangle

pyramid napkin fold 3

4. Repeat the previous step with the right corner of the triangle, folding it towards the center to meet the top point.

pyramid napkin fold 4

5. Flip the napkin over with the open side at the bottom

pyramid napkin fold 5

6. Fold the left corner over the right corner along the center line

pyramid napkin fold 6

7. Gently adjust and shape the pyramid with your hands

pyramid napkin fold 7

Your luxury pyramid napkin fold is complete!

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