Diamond Napkin Fold

diamond napkin fold


Steps of Diamond Napkin Fold

1. Start with a 40x40cm Square Paper napkin or a cloth-like napkin.

a white 40x40cm linen-like napkin to fold a diamond arrow napkin

2. Fold the napkin in half. 

Fold the napkin in half

3. Fold the napkin in half again with the open edge toward yourself.

Fold the napkin in half again

4. Rotate the napkin with one of the corner on the bottom so that it looks like a diamond shape.


5. Fold the first piece of the layers up from the bottom corner about an inch away from the top corner.

napkin folding 1

6. Fold the second layer up with another inch away the corner.

napkin folding 2

7. Fold the third layer up in the same way.

napkin folding 3

8. Fold the last layer up.

napkin folding 4

9. Flip the napkin over.

diamond-napkin-fold-step-12 (1)

10. Fold one side over to align with the middle line.

napkin folding 5

11. Fold the other side over.


12. Flip the napkin over again. You can now decorate your table setting with it as a decor.

napkin folding 7

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