Customized Cocktail Paper Napkins Wholesale

Why Choose Customized Cocktail Paper Napkins for wholeslae?

Boost the business of your bar, restaurant, cafe, desert shop, retail stores with customized cocktail Paper napkins Wholesale!

1. Branding and Marketing

Cocktail napkins, also called beverage paper napkins can provide an excellent opportunity for branding and marketing. You can elevate the overall ambiance and create a lasting impression on your guests. For wholesalers or distributors, you can offer customized paper napkins to your clients, helping them promote their business and create brand awareness. As a retailer, you can offer branded paper napkins as a gift with purchase or as part of a loyalty program, which can incentivize customers to return and make repeat purchases.

monogrammed cocktail napkins in napkin holder in restaurant

2. Increasing sales and customer loyalty

Customized Cocktail paper napkins can also help increase sales and customer loyalty. When customers visit a bar or restaurant and see branded napkins, they are more likely to remember the brand and return in the future. As a retailer, you can offer branded napkins as a gift with purchase or as part of a loyalty program, which can incentivize customers to return and make repeat purchases.

3. Preventing Messes 

Customized Cocktail paper napkins can also be used to prevent messes and spills at business occasions. You can place them in napkin holder or serve one or more pieces with a cup of cocktail beverage or coffee. By providing guests with napkins, you can encourage them to use them as coasters or to hold their drinks. cocktail napkins can be used to wipe spills or to prevent contamination from outside elements. This can help prevent spills and stains on tablecloths, which can be difficult to remove.

5"x5" black 3 ply beverage napkin in bar                

Start your business with Customized Cocktail Paper Napkins

The first factor to consider when selecting a customized cocktail paper napkins wholesale is its absorbency. You want a napkin that can soak up spills and stains quickly and efficiently. Our paper napkins are designed to be highly absorbent, so guests can quickly clean up any messes. We understand that no one wants a soggy napkin, so we have created our napkins to strike the perfect balance between absorbency and durability.

Another important factor to consider when selecting a customized cocktail paper napkins wholesale is its sturdiness. You want a napkin that can hold up to spills and stains without tearing or falling apart. Our paper napkins are made from strong wood fiber with special technique that makes it durable enough to withstand tear from a busy event. Whether it’s a spilled drink or a dropped appetizer, our paper napkins can handle it.

Guests will be using these napkins to wipe their mouths, and you want to ensure that they are gentle on the skin.

Disposable & Recyclable Customized Cocktail Paper Napkins

We guarantee that all our customized cocktail paper napkins wholesale are made of recyclable original wood pulp and other biodegradable materials, making them environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper napkins. 

Our recyclable cocktail paper napkins are a great choice for anyone who wants to reduce their environmental impact while still enjoying the convenience of disposable napkins.        

Custom Color, Size and Style for bulk purchase

The standard sizes of beverage paper napkins is 4×4 or 5×5 inches. We also offer custom sizes for those who need something specific.You dont need to buy napkin in stock, we tailor the paper napkins in the way you need.

Full Colors Available

Our customized cocktail paper napkins wholesale are available in a wide range of colors to match your theme or décor. From classic white to bold and bright hues, we have every color you need. Our color options include black, burgundy, sage green, mint green, purple, dusty rose, blush pink, and red, black, and many more. You can even mix and match colors to create a unique and personalized look.

Multiple wholeslae Selection

Choose from plain, embossed, or printed napkins to match your taste and theme. You can choose paper, linen-like, or bamboo made napkins as you like. Our customized cocktail paper napkins wholeslae are not only practical, but they also come in various styles to add a touch of sophistication to your event.

"More for Less"

Given that running business and holding events can be expensive, So the best apporach to cut down the cost is to streamline the supply chain

Our pricing for customized cocktail paper napkins wholesale are typically better than other retail prices is because we have firm cooperation with miltiple paper tissue manufacturer in the indusry. That means we can source the best price and manufacturering service for our clients. 

Compared to small ordering, purchase of larger quantity of our customized cocktail paper napkins wholesale can save you bunch of money in the long run. With our competitive pricing and minimum ordering of 10,000 packs, you can enjoy even more savings, ensuring that you stay within your budget. 

Clients Review

John DoeU.S.
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I absolutely love these cocktail paper napkins! They're so stylish and sturdy. They add a nice touch to our bar service
Chen WeiChina
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These cocktail paper napkins are really great. Fits well with my bar.
fb55aff41cf292cca43a912e7bca209 e1680863268768
Emily JonesBritain
Read More
I can't imagine using any other cocktail paper napkins after trying these. They're so durable and the design is really eye-catching
Ali HassanDenmark
Read More
These cocktail paper napkins are perfect for our upscale lounge. They're very absorbent and the gold foil design looks great
paper products wholesale​
Ahmed Al-MaktoumSaudi Arabia
Read More
These cocktail napkins are a must-have for any bars or restaurants. They're durable and look great. l'm satisfied with them and l will purchase again from here.
Chen WeiChina
Read More
These cocktail napkins are really great. Fits well with my bar.
Bulk Disposable Napkins for Restaurants & Bars

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Top Napkin is a professional paper product tranding company exporting bulk tissue paper, linen-like napkins, paper napkins in large quantity around the world.

We take pride in providing high-quality cocktail napkins at wholesale prices to businesses and individuals across the globe. 

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Sure we do. We are not just napkin seller, we are problem solver. We offer flexible solution to our clients to cover any types of requirements. Our plenty experience proves that we can always push forward the project with clients through efficient coordination and communication. That’s why we can surely manage urgent order if you need the production completed within short time. With the support from our professional manufacturers and forwarders, your orders will be in good hand.

Yes, we do. We offer FREE sampling. To  improve your satisfication and wholesale experience, we would like to provide FREE sampling. We would send the relative type of cocktail paper napkins according to your inquiry.

The sample shipment of the finished product is generally sent by Fedex or DHL. It usually takes 6-7 days to deliver to your designated address for your confirmation.

There are three traditional modes of transportation: sea, air and rail. Our main shipping method is ocean shipping, which is affordable to most clients for regular order. Air freight is generally used for rush delivery.

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